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Hello and welcome to! Thank you for visiting my site! My name's Lazer! I've always loved creating layouts for my profile pages and was interested in the freedom of designing a Neocities page. This site will always be a little bit of a work in progress, but I plan on using it to keep everything I love all in one place, whether it be my artwork, my friends, interests, or fun information and links. (Hopefully you like pink.)


To-Do List

Bubble Create Fanganronpas shrine

Bubble Create Sitemap


Bubble [07/05/23] Cookie Run shrine finished.

Bubble [05/09/23] Rearranged a few pages. Joined Self-Insert Webring.

Bubble [04/11/23] Lyrics shrine Finished. Joined RPG Maker Webring.

Bubble [04/08/23] Pokemon shrine Finished.

Bubble [04/01/23] Visual upgrades.

Bubble [01/11/23] Joined Pokéring.

Bubble [01/10/23] Added section for webrings and a webcam to index.

Bubble [12/02/22] Resources page Finished. Added Status Cafe to index. Small visual changes.

Bubble [09/16/22] About Me, Art Gallery, Stamp Collection pages Finished.

Bubble [09/01/22] Site Created. (=⌒▽⌒=)

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