Back in the day on DeviantArt, I used to be stamp obsessed, so I'm happy that even after that site has gone downhill, that stamps are still relatively popular and that I still have a place to keep my collection.

I really care about crediting everyone who creates graphics, so almost all of these should link back to the original sources. If you notice one that doesn't and you know the source, please message me! I have spent a lot of time browsing websites, DeviantArt, and even the Wayback Machine for sources, but sometimes these things are lost to time. (。•́︿•̀。)

Lesbian Sapphic Autistic Depression Anxiety INFP Don't Be Afraid To Talk To Me I Heart My Friends Love Will Always be Stronger Than Hate You Can Feel Safe Around Me I Stand For Compassion I Stand For Empathy I Stand For Equality Everything I do is of Course for the Ladies Pro-Woman and Pro-Choice Girl Power Vagina is not a dirty word My Body My Choice Bi/Pan Lesbians Do Not Exist My Sexuality Doesn't Need to be Inclusive As Humans it is Natural for us to Seek Attention Pain is Relative and Cannot be Compared I Think You Are Wonderful I Believe in You Improvement Is Inevitable Shoot For the Stars Please be Nice You Are Allowed to be Happy iPad Artist Self-Taught Artist My HTML Fucking Sucks RPG Maker MV My Comfort Characters Make Me Happy Ask Me About My OCs I Wish My Characters Were Real My OCs are my Babies My OCs are Kin Friendly I Love My Friends's OCs as Much as My Own Make Your OCs How You Want To Not How Everyone Else Thinks They Should Be Mary Sue Safe Zone I Have no Respect for Art Thieves Your Sweet Comments Make My Computer Happy Sorry I Suck at Replying to Comments Lol I'm Trying My Best Please Be Nice I'm Small and Sensitive but Also Try Me I Cry a Lot I Sleep Too Much Full Time Dreamer I'm Cute Pink is my Favorite Color I Love Pink Pink If It's Not Pink Then What's The Point? Ribbon Obsessed I Love Ribbons I Heart Bows I Love Kawaii Stuff Robot Love Cat Lover I Love Frogs Alpacas Catgirl Lover I Love Shooting Stars I Love Angels I Love Mermaids I Love Faeries I Love Tsunderes I Love Fairy Type Pokemon Shiny Hunter I Heart My DS I Love Sweets I Love Snacking I Love Junk Food I Love Cookies Coffee Iced Coffee Me to My Followers Going Online to Act Silly No Thoughts Head Empty Cookie Run Sanrio Doki Doki Literature Club Pokemon I Love Pokemon Animal Crossing Kirby Minecraft Lover DR1: Trigger Happy Havoc DR2: Goodbye Despair DRV3: Killing Harmony Neko Atsume The Sims Splatoon Undertale Cuphead Ib Dead Plate Wadanohara The Witch's House Corpse Party Mad Father Nekopara Cells at Work One Punch Man Himouto!Umaru-Chan Fruits Basket Boku No Hero Academia Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Panty and Stocking Aggretsuko Blue Exorcist Monster High My Little Pony Gravity Falls Villainous Smiling Friends MARINA IDKH Kubz Scouts Izzzyzzz Oddheader AbsolBlogsPokemon Jerma Soothouse Dead Meat Petscop Triple Baka Hatsune Miku Gumi Copycat Drop Pop Candy Mesmerizer Nekomura Iroha My Melody 2 My Melody 3 My Melody 4 My Melody Maid Dress Kuromi Maid Dress PomPomPurin PomPomPurin 2 Cinamoroll Cinamoroll 2 My Melody and Cinamoroll Marumofubiyori Usahana Mamegoma Pusheen Red Velvet Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie Black Garlic Cookie Parfait Cookie Kouign Amann Cookie Capsaicin Cookie Prune Juice Cookie Stardust Cookie Milky Way Cookie Sugar Swan Cookie Lotus Dragon Cookie Blue Lily Cookie Lilybell Cookie Stollen Cookie Stollen Cookie Strawberry Cream Cookie Raspberry Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie Princess Cookie Red Velvet Cookie x Pastry Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie x Moonlight Cookie Black Garlic Cookie x White Ghost Cookie Espresso Cookie x Madeleine Cookie Sayori Sayori 2 Monika Monika 2 Natsuki Natsuki 2 Yuri Natsuki x Yuri Monika x Sayori Arven Piers Guzma Lillie Lillie 2 Ilima Clemont Fairy Type Hatsune Miku Psychic Type Hatsune Miku Water Type Hatsune Miku Stufful Stufful 2 Sylveon Sylveon 2 Sylveon 3 Sylveon 4 Sylveon 5 Sylveon 6 Sylveon 7 Sylveon 8 Sylveon x Umbreon Espeon Espeon 2 Gardevoir Kirlia Ralts Magearna Magearna 2 Alcremie Two Alcremie Tinkaton Primarina Tsareena Eevee Diancie Espurr Lurantis Skitty Animated Vulpix Alolan Vulpix Animated Lycanroc Stitches 2 Stitches Lolly Marina Kirby Minecraft Axolotls Kaito Momota Kaede Akamatsu Miu Iruma Kiibo Shuichi Saihara Chiaki Nanami Mikan Tsumiki Sonia Nevermind Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu Kazuichi Souda Ibuki Mioda Mondo Oowada Shuichi x Kaito Kiibo x Miu Kaede x Shuichi Himiko x Tenko Sonia x Gundham Ibuki x Twogami Mondo x Ishimaru Kyoko x Makoto Sakura x Aoi Pearl Marina Pearlina Mettaton Animated Mettaton 2 Alphys Undyne Papyton Alphyne Garry Ib Mary Rody Vincent Manon Wadanohara Samekichi Samewada Aya Dio ABA Pachimari Chocola Minaduki Cinnamon Minaduki Maple Minaduki Coconut Minaduki Azuki Minaduki Red Blood Cell White Blood Cell Genos Marcille Marcille x Falin Chilchuck and Laios Umaru Doma Umaru Doma 2 Sylphenford Tachibana Tohru Honda Kyo Sohma Eijirou Kirishima Ochako Uraraka Tamaki Amajiki Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu x Ochako Nejire Hadou Kirishima x Bakugou Kanna Kamui Tohru Kobayashi x Tohru Stocking Stocking 2 Stocking 3 Stocking 4 Brief Panty x Brief Retsuko Haida Fenneko Retsuko x Haida Animated Shiemi Neptune Draculaura Robecca Steam Rochelle Goyle Venus McFlytrap Spectra Vondergeist Twyla Boogeyman Jackson Jekyll Holt Hyde Fluttershy Cadance Demencia Animated Demencia 2 Dr Flug Care NLM TBH Pass the Yaoi You're Perfect Strawberry Milk Crybaby Heartbeat Be Kind to Each Other Drawing a Cat Pinky Promise Can we be More than Friends? Animated Star Wand Lesbian Depression Anxiety Fighting Kaomoji Seifuku I Ship Gays Deredere Pink Game Controller Holographic Cell Phone Memedere I Just Want to be Loved Don't be Too Hard on Yourself I Might be a Fragile Little Flower but I'll Kick Your Fucking Ass You Don't Love Me Not a Big Deal Cotton Candy Cookie Cherry Blossoms Lil Sad but Super Rad Game Consoles Admit One Cutie Put on Your War Paint Marshmallow Ice Cream Oh My Nya Sprinkles I'm Going to Pour Hot Tea on Your Face Geode Fight Me Smol but Adorabol Sometimes I Ignore You So I Feel in Control Animated Cell Phone Sewing Gun Everyone Hates You I Always Dream About You Senpai Please Notice Me Writing Stay Kawaii Blink Bunnies Pattern Girls Girls Girls Cat Lingerie Axolotl I Wanna Stay Inside All Day Alpaca Plushies I Cried Tears You'll Never See Rilakkumas Pink DS Screen Milkshake Hair Ribbon Frosting Hello Kitty Pen Love Wins Knives Doll + Psycho Cheer Uniforms Angel Wings I'd Rather be Playing Video Games Magical Girl Baby? Internet Crush Kaomoji Ribbon Glasses Star Pastries Donuts Gloomy Bear Plush Lollipops You're Super Cute Angel Wings Manga Let Me Cast a Love Spell on You Can You Show Me What Happiness Is Cutting a Cake Jewelry Box Claw Machine Cuteness Rating: Very High Bandage on Nose Wtf is a Aesthetic Love Letter To Senpai Caramelldansen Kawaii Maid Fuck Reality Magical Girl Pink Gameboy No Waifu No Laifu Flying Love Letter Shortcake Lipstick I'm Kawaii Good Vibes OwO Daoko Girl Cat Paw Game Controller MewMew This Dream is Calling Your Name Heart Bubble Love Letter Bunny Petals in Water Glitter Cat Tail Magical Girl in Training Animated Heart Sweetheart Wake Up Keep Dreaming Petals on Water Animated Bunny Makeup I Always Smile When I See Your Screen Name Animated Are You Ok? Yes No Let's McFreakin Lose It Chiaki Figure Heart Charms Doki Doki Pink Gingham Tea Set *Hugs* Sorry I'm Lesbian Don't Fall For Me Utena Figure Piano Fragile Handle With Care Copper Tellurium You're Really Cute Umaru Figure Potato Smiles Snowball Cats Falling Petals Sea Bunny Pink and Purple Controller Psycho Feelings are Just Like the Weather Treat me like a Princess Can I Kiss You? Rule #1 Is That You Gotta Have Fun Strawberry Cake DS Start Winged Shoes Justice Will Prevail Just You Wait Fucker Fuck Off Error Diamond Broken Heart
This user is a bunny This user is proud of you This user is soft This user is a crybaby This user likes to be called cute This user wants bunny ears This user loves using kaomojis This user is 100% against bullying This user has a lot of ocs This user loves creating stories and characters and would love to talk about them with others This user loves her friends This user loves playing games This user loves axolotls This user likes sharp teeth This user gets confused and overwhelmed when complemented but loves the praise regardless This user needs a hug This user is grieving This user is trying to get better This user has sensory issues and gets overwhelmed by too many noises This user communicates better online This user has trouble saying things out loud, but can type them just fine This user gets anxious when someone dms them This user likes being alone but hates being lonely This user may not answer messages due to anxiety please respect that This user needs to be reminded or they WILL forget, please be patient with them This user takes alot of things seriously please be patient with them This user has trouble telling whether people are making fun of them or are just joking This user is afraid to drive This user loves their weighted blanket This user loves squishmallows This user collects plushies This user believes their stuffed animals have feelings This user loves pixel horror RPG games This user loves Eden Tobisa This user loves Iroha Nijiue This user loves Hajime Makunouchi This user loves Hana Kongou This user loves Hibiki Kotobuki This user loves ALL Pokemon This user loves Fairy-types This user adores Alcremie This user loves Sylveon This user loves Primarina This user loves Iono This user loves My Melody This user loves Pompompurin This user loves Marumofubiyori This user loves Cinnamoroll This user loves Parfait Cookie This user loves Black Garlic Cookie This user loves Eijiro Kirishima This user kins Chocola This user was forced to eat cement when they were 6 This user put the horse in the plinko machine
Lesbian Flag If only I could use my powers for good instead of evil Your beauty never ever scared me Sweetheart Cat Parent Plush Collector I'll be making fun of you as soon as you log off It's Gay Love Baby Endless Love Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss I Was Uncool Before Uncool Was Cool I have no special talents I am only passionately curious Got Love? Sending You My Love Put a Little Love in Your Heart Sweet Dreams My Heart Beats For You Been There Done That Love Always Be Mine Pixel Princess Pink Addict Yippee Kawaii or Die I Heart My Friends I Love My Computer Yes I will suck the life right out of you Soft Bunny Guardian Angel Bunny Angel Nurse Dreamy Magical Porn is Anti-Woman Angelic Twinkle Twinkle Daydream Believer I Love My 3DS Forum Lurker Rainbow Lover I Heart Vocaloid I Heart Utauloid Hatsune Miku Triple Baka The Vampire Kasane Teto Nekomura Iroha 1 Nekomura Iroha 2 Momone Momo Fairy Type Fairy Type Trainer Eevee Eevee 2 Sylveon Sylveon 2 Alcremie Popplio Line Team Skull Shiny Hunter I Heart Sanrio I Heart Sanrio (My Melody) My Melody My Melody 2 I Heart Sanrio (Pompompurin) Pompompurin Pompompurin 2 Pompompurin and Macaron I Heart Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Hello Kitty Fan Hello Kitty Kuromelo Kuromelo 2 Kuromi Kuromi 2 Kuromi 3 Kuromi 4 Cinnamoroll Cinnamoroll 2 My Sweet Piano Usahana Retsuko I Heart Sanrio (Lala) I Heart Sanrio (Kiki) I Heart Sanrio (Keroppi) Usagi Tsukino Tohru Honda Cardcaptor Shining Glitter Cookie Sayori Natsuki Yuri Monika SHSL Gamer SHSL Princess SHSL Astronaut I <3 Endermen God Damnit Kris Where the Hell Are We? Cannibalism as a metaphor for love Rodincent Monster High Freaky Fabulous Draculaura Robecca Steam Rochelle Goyle Venus McFlytrap Spectra Vondergeist Jackson Jekyl Holt Hyde Bluey You Can't Win Me I Can't Be Beat Good Luck Babe Petscop Nyan Nyan Nyan Yeehaw Sparkle on It's been one of those weeks...Pass the yuri! Then Perish Like the legend of the penis Oh Worm Da Blinkie?!
Lesbian Flag Lesbian Flag Waving Girls Now Female Site Powered by Coffee Made with affection Part of Neocities Neocities: The Web is Still Yours Made in the NeoCities Editor Like an Idiot Neocities Addict Web Design is my Passion Trust me I am good with computer This site is powered by autism Dumbass Webmaster Ahead Powered by Black Magic Firefox Now MS PAINT 4EVER I Love Music Toe Beans Now Axolotl Zome I Love Animals Catgirl Obsession Believe in the Radical Power of Friendship Cute Lovable Hang in There Sad Girl Existentially Exhausted Soft Sweetheart Part Time Unicorn Forever Online Goodnight Soft and Cute Cute Anime Girls Now Anime is Gay as Hell but I approve It's Okay to Give Your Bros Some Love Maximum Comfy Loading Fucks My Melody Pompompurin Cinnamon Approved Cinnamoroll Cinnamoroll 2 Kuromi Virus Kuromi Hello Kitty Hello Kitty 2 Hello Kitty 3 Hello Kitty 4 Kiki & Lala Miku Luka The Vampire Rabbit Hole Melomeloid God-ish Mesmerizer Miku Mesmerizer Teto World Is Mine Love Me Baby Baby Rolling Girl This Site is Miku Approved Miku x Rin Kiss Kasane Teto Kasane Teto 2 The Drills Don't Spin Butcher Vanity Girl Caramelldansen Dungeon Meshi Eevee Love Sylveon I Heart Sylveon Submas Natsuki Powered By Alter Ego Powered By Chiaki Webmaster Loves Undertale I Heart Mettaton Kris Where TF Are We? Ib Dead Plate Kirby Love I am Pro Kirby Powered by Bob Lolly Now Judy Now Marina Now Stitches Now Monster High Barbie I Visited the Child Library I Survived the Tumblr Apocalypse Internet Archiver Graphic Design is my Passion (In Japanese) I Can't Read This Button Autism Yippee Shrimp Heaven Now Nyan Cat Bingus Big Floppa Shrimp

All are free to use. Credit is not necessary as long as you aren't claiming you made them, :3.

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