Character + story creation

Stuffed animals

Cute clothing + jewelry

Making people smile/laugh





Trading cards


Video Games (Especially with friends)





RPG Maker


Cute things



Cheeseburgers + fries




Uncomfy textures

Loud or crowded spaces


Art block + burnout

People misinterpreting my favorite characters

Proship + anti-anti people

Want to learn about Lazer?

Hi! My name is Lazer! I don't mind if you call me Bunny either. I'm currently attending college and I'm a self-taught/hobbyist artist and game developer on the side. My pronouns are she/they but I don't really care if you wanna call me something else. I like chatting and making new friends, but I’m not always good about replying, sorry! (-∧-;)


I am autistic...Yippee! (◕_◕ )

If you care about things like the 16 personalities, I'm an INFP-T. I don't tend to pay any mind to these personality tests, but some people do, and I think my results accurately represent me.

My current project is a Danganronpa fan game called Danganronpa: Hope Restoration, but I'm hoping to make more games in the future.

I draw using an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) with an app called ArtStudio and my finger. I create my games using RPG Maker MV.

I have a persona, who is also the mascot of this website. You can read more about her here. (ノ≧ڡ≦)

A few of my main/long-term interests are Fanganronpas, Sanrio, Squishmallows, Cookie Run, Danganronpa, Doki Doki Literature Club, Pokemon, my original characters, RPG Maker games, and MARINA's music.

Displaying and organizing collectables is one of my favorite hobbies. I collect pins and buttons which I display in my ita backpack, tokidoki figurines (namely, Unicorno and Donutella), Squishmallows and Squishville, and Pokemon cards which I keep in a few binders.

I listen to a lot of music, but I usually only listen to individual songs rather than certain artists. So if I find a song I enjoy I add it to my main playlist. The exception being MARINA. I've been a huge fan of her music for seven or eight years and I've actually seen her in concert twice.

Some other interests of mine are learning about cut content/glitches/easter eggs in video games, unsolved mysteries, and lost media. I could read random wikis for hours, (and I do).

Favorite Characters

I tried to keep this list from going on too long, you can see more characters I like on my Stamp Collection.

Red Velvet Cookie Pastry Cookie Raspberry Cookie Black Garlic Cookie Pompompurin Marumofubiyori Chiaki Nanami Kaito Momota Stufful Sylveon Gardevoir Arven Piers Nejire Hado Tamaki Amajiki Eijirou Kirishima Samekichi Garry U-1146 Genos Hajime Makunouchi Iroha Nijiue Madoka Amajiki Shion Morita Hana Kongou Pearl Arturo Giles
My Melody Sayori Princess Cookie Parfait Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie Sonia Nevermind Kaede Akamatsu Chocola Minaduki Umaru Doma Magearna Kirlia Lillie Iono Itsumi Yoko
Quiz Results
Konata Deredere Cocoa Cookie Hydrangea Cookie Shoujo Madoka Mew Kawaii Pikachu Pikachu Pearl