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Bunny Magical Girl Wand

Arrow I am autistic...Yippee! (◕_◕ ) Maybe a lot of people say that these days (maybe even untruthfully...) but it's definitely a thing that's noticable about me, I've come to realize.

Arrow If you care about things like the 16 personalities, I'm an INFP-T. I don't tend to pay any mind to these personality tests, but some people do, and I think my results accurately represent me.

Arrow My current project is a Danganronpa fan game called Danganronpa: Hope Restoration, but I'm hoping to make more games in the future.

Arrow I draw using an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) with an app called ArtStudio and my finger. I create my games using RPG Maker MV.

Arrow I have a persona, who is also the mascot of this website. You can read more about her here. (ノ≧ڡ≦)

Arrow A few of my main/long-term interests are Fanganronpas, Sanrio, Cookie Run, Doki Doki Literature Club, Pokemon, and my original characters.

Arrow Displaying and organizing collectables is one of my favorite hobbies. I collect pins and buttons which I display in my ita backpack, tokidoki figurines (namely, Unicorno and Donutella), Squishmallows and Squishville, and Pokemon cards which I keep in a few binders.

My Melody

Arrow Overall my favorite musician is MARINA. I've been a huge fan of her music since 2015(?) and I've actually seen her in concert twice.

Arrow For a while, my favorite song has been EVIL by Melanie Martinez.

Arrow I listen to a lot of Vocaloid music too, so my favorite Vocaloid songs are The Vampire and Rabbit Hole, by DECO*27, Melomeloid by Kairikibear, Pyrite Girl by RIProducer, and Bocca della Verita by Hiiragi Kirai.

Arrow My favorite vocal synth is Hatsune Miku. That may be a basic answer, but Miku is the first I learned about. I also like many songs she is featured in, and I think she is cute. I own a handful of Miku items. (^-^✿)

Arrow Some other interests of mine are learning about cut content/glitches/easter eggs in video games, unsolved mysteries, and intriguing lost media. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on these subjects.

I tried to keep this list from going on too long, you can see more characters I like on my Stamp Collection.

Red Velvet Cookie Kouign-Amann Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie Milky Way Cookie Stardust Cookie Raspberry Cookie Black Garlic Cookie Blue Lily Cookie Stollen Cookie Strawberry Cream Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie Pompompurin Marumofubiyori Sonia Nevermind Kaito Momota Stufful Sylveon Eevee Gardevoir Ceruledge Alcremie Primarina Tsareena Diancie Espurr Arven Piers Rika Nejire Hado Tamaki Amajiki Eijirou Kirishima Samekichi Garry U-1146 Genos Chilchuck Hajime Makunouchi Iroha Nijiue Shion Morita Hana Kongou Eden Tobisa Arturo Giles

I know some people are pushy about who uses the word "kin," but it is at least safe to say these are characters I relate to heavily or who make me feel confident when I compare myself to them.

My Melody Sayori Princess Cookie Parfait Cookie Chiaki Nanami Kaede Akamatsu Chocola Minaduki Marcille Umaru Doma Magearna Kirlia Lillie Iono Itsumi Yoko Draculaura
Madoka Madoka Cocoa Cookie Hydrangea Cookie Witch of Curiosity Pearl Marina Sakura Miku Konata Izumi Nano Shinonome Toro Inoue My Melody Cielomort Dizzy Coco Pommel
Deredere Blonde Shoujo Kawaii Winged backpack Apple Fritter Cubaris Rubber Ducky Gemstone Mew Pikachu Pikachu Sylveon Absol Fairy N Harmonia Rose Daisy