The Ruler of Everything


Name: Lazer Pronouns: She/They
Age: 20 Race/Species: Bunny
Gender: Demigirl Orientation: Lesbian
Voice Claim: Me, duh :3 Playlist:


You've seen her on this website!

A clumsy and cheerful bunny that enjoys creating art, helping her friends, and most importantly, making people smile and laugh. She's fond of games, cartoons, cute aesthetics, animals, and desserts.

She's also known to collect a variety of figurines, stuffed animals, and trading cards. She can be rather disorganized and forgetful, but she always means well.

Love Will Always be Stronger Than Hate My Melody Sleeping Drawing a Cat Animated Lesbian Depression Anxiety I Might be a Fragile Little Flower but I'll Kick Your Fucking Ass Heart Animated Pink Game Controller Holographic Cell Phone Cotton Candy Cookie Animated Cherry Blossoms Animated Lil Sad but Super Rad

  • Lazer has been my persona since 2015, but only gained the name Lazer in 2016, when I changed my username on a whim.
  • Lazer has gone through six different redesigns over the years.
  • Lazer is a bunny, but the demonic elements of her design leave room for question.
  • Lazer's circle-shaped eyebrows, blush marks, and cat-like smile are design elements rather than stylization.
  • Lazer's design can be simplified as Chibi Lazer. Usually, I choose to draw Chibi Lazer over regular Lazer for silly drawings.
  • Huh, can Lazer even do anything? I wonder...

Azzy - Bestie :3

Prize Corner


Lesbian Ribbon


A non-man who is attracted to women.
Demigirl Ribbon


One who identifies partially as female, partially as another gender that may or may not be defined.
Autism Ribbon


For characters who are autistic.

Development and Achievement

Sona Ribbon


A character who represents the owner, usually in a personal way.
Sourced in Circuitry Ribbon

Sourced in Circuitry

A character that was originally created on a digital art medium.
Musical Ribbon


A character that has at least 5 songs in their playlist.
Appreciated Ribbon


A character that has at least 20 pieces of art.
Loved Ribbon


A character that has at least 20 pieces of art made by its owner.
Famous Ribbon


A character that has at least 50 pieces of art.
Cherished Ribbon


A character that has at least 100 pieces of art.
Anniversary Ribbon


A character that has been owned by the current owner for at least 1 year.
Happy Couple Ribbon

Happy Couple

A character that has been owned by the current owner for at least 4 years.
Homed Ribbon


A character that is owned by its creator.
2015 Ribbon


Characters who were originally made in the respective year.
Pixel Perfect Ribbon

Pixel Perfect

This character has been drawn in pixel art.
Reflection Ribbon


This character is based off the artist
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree Ribbon

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

This character is a LOT like you. Like, a lot. Maybe they're a sona, or maybe it's a coincidence! Who knows.
An Artist's Shadow Ribbon

An Artist's Shadow

You've drawn this character 50+ times.
Through Thick and Thin Ribbon

Through Thick and Thin

You've owned this character for 4+ years, what a long time!


Bnnuy Ribbon


Partially or fully a rabbit.
Through Thick and Thin Ribbon



(Ribbons courtesy of MisterMuse, Koopaboo, DaylightJamboree, RabbitJaguar, and randabeli)