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Site Description
For learning HTML + CSS! I think everyone knows how important this one is already, though.
Premade Neocities layouts. I think these can be nice to build off of when making a site for the first time.

RV's Free Javascript Effects
PKLucky's Code Snippets
Metalvalley's Code Snippets
Vertpush's Tools
Code snippets for your website.'s Marquee Generator Marquee Generator.
A customizable/interactive virtual pet for your website.
Status update widget for your website.
Webneko A collection of little cats that can follow the cursor on your website.
Censorship Pandas Adopt a cute "censorship panda" to display your site's age rating.
Hover.css A collection of hover effects for your buttons, images, etc.

Custom font hosting
Site Description
GifCities Old school GeoCities gif search engine.
88x31 Gif Collection Huge collection of 88x31 buttons.
Blinkie Obsession
Transbro's blinkies
Collections of blinkies.

Really cute pixel art you can use with credit.

Tenshiikisu's BGs.
Koduck's BGs.
Snaappy's BGs.
Manuzynha's BGs.
CanadianLyynx's hand-drawn BGs.
PumpkinCatCarnival's hand-drawn BGs.
AtomicAdopts's hand-drawn BGs.
CuckooHoopoe's BGs.
Original Stitch Pokemon shirt patterns
Tiled Backgrounds.

Big collections of graphics.
My Neocities stamp collection.
My DA stamps folder
My DA deco folder
My personal hoards of decorations, stamps, blinkies, buttons, and userboxes.
pngtrash Tumblr blog of transparent images and gifs.
Lyrics in just the right color Tumblr blog of aesthetic lyrics typography.
Anime flowers gif hunt An imgur album of gifs of flowers in anime.
Site Description
Quillbot Free paraphrasing and grammar tool which has been a lifesaver for me.
Gif editor that I use all of the time.
Waifu2x Extremely useful tool for resizing and cleaning up images.
Photopea Free online copy of PhotoShop.
Free Online Image Editor It's what it sounds like. It has all of the basic image editing functions you need but also glitters and cute animated overlays. I used to use it to make all of my DeviantArt stamps.
SauceNAO Tool for reverse image searching artwork. It can locate the sources of art on pixiv, twitter, DeviantArt, etc.
Image Extractor Allows you to extract all of the images from webpages.
HTML Colors From Image Allows you to upload or insert links to images to see their hex codes.
Site Description
Bongo Cat Interactive Bongo Cat with various instruments. A collection of fun little games and interactive infographics. My favorites are the Absurd Trolley Problems quiz and The Deep Sea infographic.
Ejector Allows you to create custom Among Us ejection gifs.
Petpet Generator Allows you to create cute petting gifs.
Pokecharms Allows you to create multiple styles of Pokemon trainer cards.
imgflip is dead It's exactly like the imgflip meme generator but without the watermark.
PoyoPoyo Gif Animaker Allows you to generate cute simple animations from images.
MakeSweet Allows you to insert your photos and text into 3D gifs. This includes those heart locket animations that became a meme.
3D Gif Maker Allows you to make neat little 3D gifs by adding an image and choosing a preset.

Online Graphics Makers
Blinkie generators.
Koinuko's Marriage Certificate Generator
Anime Marriage Certificate Generator
Marriage Certificate generators.
The Super-Simple Userbox Maker Userbox generator.
Dither Me This Dither your images.
Death Generator Generate text boxes and screenshots from a large collection of games.
PhotoMosh Put a ton of glitch themed effects and filters on your images.
Emoji Kitchen Let's you choose emojis to combine into super cute new ones.
Sadgrl's 88x31 Button Maker
Hekate's 88x31 Button Maker
Generate your own 88x31 buttons.
Pixelart Converter Convert your images into pixel art.
Phoenix's Picrew Database Collection of Picrew generators sorted by size.
Wonder of Wonder Art Draw your character on the template and watch them dance.
Glitch Text Generator Make your text g̷͉͂l̸̹̐į̶̉t̷͎́c̶̣̉h̸̳̚y̷̫̐.
Pixel Speech Bubbles Generate pixel speech bubbles.
3dtext2gif Allows you to create cool animated text.