The Failed Experiment


Name: Jack Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 21 Race/Species: Human...?
Gender: Male Orientation: Bisexual
Voice Claim: TBA Playlist:


Jack is a seemingly carefree and laid-back guy with a naturally charming personality and sense of humor, known for his witty and sarcastic remarks, bravery, and determination. Underneath this cool exterior, however, he’s rather short-tempered and cynical. It’s not uncommon for him to let his emotions get the better of him and cause him to lash out whenever he’s feeling flustered, embarrassed, or insulted, a fact that others often take advantage of.

Despite his attitude, he isn’t mean-spirited in the slightest. He has a big heart, he’s sensitive, and he’s nothing but loyal and fiercely protective of the people he cares about. Jack struggles with depression and his sense of self-worth because of how he’s been treated almost his entire life. He’s insecure about his origins and his less than human traits, and tries very hard to hide the things that make him different.

Corridor Monster Sad Face Fuck Off Bones Secrets don't die they only sleep Eyes Animated An unforseen threat

  • Jack has fangs and sharp teeth, but it’s hard to tell sometimes because he never smiles.
  • Originally, Jack's eyes were both blue. The change in his eye color was one of the first warning signs that his regenerative abilities are not always perfect.
  • On his stomach, Jack has an extra mouth. He prefers to keep it covered up as it's the most glaringly non-human thing about him. It wasn't always a part of his body, but is instead a side effect of abusing his regenerative abilities during the exhaustive tests Lockheart performed on him.
  • It’s not uncommon for Jack to accidentally catch his shirts on his stomach-mouth and tear them.
  • It’s not uncommon for Jack to accidentally catch his shirts on his stomach-mouth and tear them.


  • Jack possesses superhuman regenerative properties. He is able to naturally heal from any injury, including lost limbs, at a rate much faster than the average human. However, as a result of overusing this ability over the course of many years, strange side effects have occurred.


  • A secret Jack goes to great lengths to hide is the monstrous form he’s able to transform into. In this form, Jack increases in size, grows a mess of eyes and mouths across his face and body, and up to four extra arms, ending in sharp claws. Transforming this way is painful, and the longer he spends in this state, the less self-aware and more aggressive he becomes. Usually this only happens involuntarily, when he experiences severe physical pain or emotional turmoil.
  • With practice, Jack has gained (some) control over this ability. This means he can limit it to one part of his body and activate it voluntarily by causing himself pain intentionally. He doesn't use his ability much, if at all, and when he does, it's momentary.

Keelin - Girlfriend

Although they met under strange and frightening circumstances and they really didn’t have a choice of working together, Jack and Keelin quickly became close. Jack's best friend, girlfriend, and favorite person in the world is Keelin. He’s wildly protective of her, despite the fact that she can easily hold her own and often ends up being the one saving him.

Hydra - Younger Sibling

Hydra was created by Doctor Lockheart four years after he created Jack, and the two of them are technically half-siblings. In spite of some past tension and misunderstandings, they get along as well as most siblings. Jack knows that Hydra is a tough kid, but he still can’t help but worry about them.

Dr. Lockheart - Creator

Doctor Lockheart may be the one who created Jack, but that doesn't mean the two of them are on good terms. From the moment Doctor Darling left, Lockheart has felt resentment towards Jack. In turn, Jack developed a grudge against Lockheart as a result of the countless painful experiments Lockheart put him through. After a certain unfortunate accident occurred during an argument between the two, which permanently disfigured Lockheart, their relationship only worsened.

Dr. Darling - Creator

Doctor Darling is equally responsible for creating Jack alongside Doctor Lockheart, and Darling thinks of herself as Jack's mother, but shortly into Jack's life, Darling disappeared, unable to make amends with Lockheart. Thinking Darling may come back for him one day gave Jack hope for many years, but she never returned. As an adult, he feels betrayed, to say the least.

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