The Self-Taught Human


Name: Dex Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 17 Race/Species: Slime
Gender: Male Orientation: Unlabeled
Voice Claim: TBA Playlist:


Dex is intelligent, rational, remarkably well-read, and has great attention to detail. More often than not, it’s his quick and clever thinking that gets him and Hydra out of the many precarious situations they find themselves in. Despite this, he’s self-conscious and lacks confidence. He takes almost everything too seriously and has a bad habit of overthinking. So when he makes a mistake or something doesn’t go according to his plans, he has a hard time keeping it together (literally).

Above all else, Dex longs to be taken seriously and to be seen by others as a mature and respectable person. In order to accomplish this, he tries his hardest to fake an aura of confidence and employs a bit of a cocky and condescending attitude towards strangers, making cynical or sarcastic remarks often, but the majority of people can see right through him (also literally).

DS Gameboy animated Heart melting animated Screw You

  • Dex describes himself as a "self-taught human." He's a slime that became fascinated by humans and fully committed to being one. The fact that he isn't really one is a bit of an insecurity of his.
  • When Dex is sad, embarrassed, stressed out, or tired he starts to melt. Sometimes he just drips a little, sometimes into a full-on puddle. It makes him a bit of an open book, emotionally. Heat and high temperatures have the same effect on him.
  • Dex refuses to acknowledge his true form, a rather tiny and shapeless blob, and doesn't allow anyone but Hydra to see him that way. He finds it embarrassing.
  • All of his clothes are coated in a waterproof solvent so that he doesn’t soak into them.
  • A lot of the time, he carries things like his phone or wallet by sticking them through his chest.
  • Dex is Doctor Lockheart's number one fan. He's always been fascinated with Lockheart's work and has been observing the activities of Lockheart Industries for years. He wants to have a career in scientific research himself one day.
  • I never intend on elaborating on where he came from I don't think.

Physical Invulnerability

  • Being made of slime makes Dex invulnerable to most forms of physical damage, including bladed weapons, firearms, hands-on force, etc. He may melt or fall apart, but it doesn't harm him. This is probably why he's able to survive being friends with Hydra.
  • Physical invulnerability does not, however, extend to damage via chemicals and poison, which Dex is extra sensitive to, as unlike humans, he lacks an outer layer.


  • Well, it's more mimicry than shapeshifting, as he does not gain any additional abilities from doing so, nor can he change his color, but with enough practice and the right amount of water, Dex can change his form into just about anything. He does this almost all of the time to appear human, to the point that he doesn't have to think about it.

Hydra - Best Friend

Hydra is Dex’s best friend. They met by chance a long time ago, and since then they've become inseparable. Hydra remains the only person Dex doesn’t mind being himself around, whether that means acting naturally or showing his true form. More often than not, Dex serves as Hydra’s voice of reason, and despite the fact that Hydra doesn’t tend to listen, he stays by their side no matter what situations Hydra recklessly drags the two of them into.

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