The Agent of Chaos


Name: Hydra Lockheart Pronouns: They/She/He
Age: 16 Race/Species: Human Hybrid
Gender: Genderfluid Orientation: Pansexual
Voice Claim: TBA Playlist:


Hydra tries their best to seem tough and dangerous, at least at first...but it doesn't take much to lower their guard and break the tough facade. They really just want to make lots of friends, have fun, and help out. Hydra is cheerful and hyperactive just about all of the time. They try to see the good in everybody and help everyone around them get along. Hydra is spontaneous and creative, and they always have something fun to do or try. To those Hydra is closest to, they can be rather clingy and protective, and loyal to a fault.

That isn’t to say they aren’t naturally mischievous, however. In their pursuit of fun, it’s not uncommon for them to work as a prankster, eavesdropper, and instigator, much to the dismay of their more reserved and rational best friend.

Tentacles I am not a girl Never apologize for being you Unique and not gonna change for y'all UwU Screens U look so cool I am poison

  • Hydra keeps their hands covered by their sleeves at all times.
  • Hydra is Jack’s younger sibling. Biologically, they are half-siblings. If it weren't for a mutation, Hydra would have the same hair and eye colors as him, (the blue eye at least).
  • Hydra uses any pronouns, but when it comes to other forms of address, they use strictly gender-neutral terms. (Eg: sibling, rather than sister/brother)
  • Hydra has a pet octopus named Smoo, among a number of other tiny octopuses.
  • Hydra is skilled in lock picking and is somewhat of a naturally talented escape artist.
  • Hydra still uses a flip phone, it’s just more practical for them. It’s sturdier.
  • The mint streak in Hydra’s hair is dyed. The rest of their hair, however, is naturally green.
  • Hydra has to cut holes in most of their clothes for their tentacles to fit through.
  • Hydra is autistic. It has nothing to do with the experiments or anything. They just are.


  • Hydra has four tentacles on their back, which they are able to use as extra arms. They can pick up and manipulate objects with them easily, including weapons. Their suction cups are strong and can easily support the rest of their body weight, allowing Hydra to use them to climb. In the event that Hydra were to lose a tentacle, it would regenerate within a few days, no problem.

Underwater Breathing

  • Hydra can breathe underwater as a result of their hybrid biology.

Dex - Best Friend

Dex is Hydra's best friend, whom they're very protective of. They met by chance a long time ago, and since then they've become inseparable. When they're with him, Hydra acts completely like themself; they don't care about acting tough or hiding anything. More often than not, Dex serves as Hydra’s voice of reason, and despite the fact that Hydra doesn’t tend to listen, he stays by their side no matter what situations Hydra recklessly drags the two of them into.

Jack - Older Brother

Hydra was created by Doctor Lockheart four years after he created Jack, and the two of them are technically half-siblings. In spite of some past tension and misunderstandings, they get along as well as most siblings. Hydra has no idea just how much Jack has sacrificed for them.

Keelin - Friend

Hydra thinks of Keelin as a sort of responsible big sister and looks up to her. They often look to her for advice on all sorts of things, since she's easily the most reliable and down-to-earth person they know.

Dr. Lockheart - Creator

Dr. Lockheart is Hydra's creator. Lockheart had intended for Hydra to be a cold-hearted, vicious assassin, but fate had other plans. Lockheart's relationship with Hydra is certainly much less strained than with Jack, but Hydra is still reluctant to call him their father.

Prize Corner


Pansexual Ribbon


One who is sexually attracted to all genders/sexes, and is blind to gender/sex.
Genderfluid Ribbon


One whose gender fluctuates between different identities.
Autism Ribbon


For characters who are autistic.

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Main Character

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Comfort Character

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Sourced in Circuitry

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Motion Magic

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Happy Couple

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Ball of Sunshine

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Earned their Angel Wings

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An Artist's Shadow

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Blame it on the Pop

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Radio Star

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Through Thick and Thin

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The Fighter

This character uses a weapon.
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Bloody Knife

This character has killed another character.
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Best Friend

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This character is from a laboratory.

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