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Name: Keelin Caverly Pronouns: She/her
Age: 21 Race/Species: Human
Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual
Voice Claim: TBA Playlist:


A stern and serious girl, at first glance, Keelin seems completely ordinary in all aspects. Many people judge Keelin by her facial expressions and tone and consider her apathetic and cold, but she's truly a warm, caring, and gentle person to anyone who can get her to open up. Keelin's responsibility and level-headedness make her an excellent team leader and a good source of advice.

Keelin is passionate about everything she does and is determined to complete any task she starts as well as she can. She is clever and perceptive, possessing the ability to figure out puzzles and piece information together quickly. Keelin is willing to risk everything and put her life on the line for her friends, allies, and the right cause.

Heart Hand Animated Win because you don't know how to lose Exit Hearts Animated We are both so broken I love you

  • Keelin is an aspiring journalist. Her father was the chief editor of the newspaper in the city she grew up in.
  • Keelin always carries a tape recorder she took from her father years ago.

Weapon Proficiency

  • Keelin's weapon of choice and primary form of self-defense is a hunting knife. It is carried with her at all times. Never know when it might come in handy...

Jack - Boyfriend

Although they met under strange circumstances and really didn’t have a choice but to work together, Jack and Keelin quickly became close. Jack is Keelin’s best friend, boyfriend, and favorite person in the world. He’s wildly protective of her, despite the fact that she can easily hold her own and often ends up being the one saving him.

Riley - Friend / Ex-Girlfriend

Riley has been a friend of Keelin’s since the two of them were in middle school. They used to date, but when they parted ways, they lost touch. That is, until Keelin moved into the city, looking for a job and a home, and Riley reached out to her, asking her to move in with her and apply for a job at Lockheart Industries. Since then, the two have reconnected.

Hydra - Friend

Keelin thinks of Hydra as a younger sibling. Keelin gives them advice and tries to make sure they're not getting themself hurt.

Prize Corner


Bisexual Ribbon


One who is sexually attracted to two or more genders/sexes, but not all.

Development and Achievement

Main Character Ribbon

Main Character

A high priority, very important character.
Comfort Character Ribbon

Comfort Character

A character that helps/was made to help one cope with trauma, or otherwise bring comfort.
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Sourced in Circuitry

A character that was originally created on a digital art medium.
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A character that has at least 15 songs in their playlist.
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Happy Couple

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Player 1

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Pixel Perfect

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Ball of Sunshine

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Earned their Angel Wings

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Blame it on the Pop

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Through Thick and Thin

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A character who features in a story as a protagonist.
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The Fighter

This character uses a weapon.
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Lovey Dovey

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