Name: Jillian
Gender: Female
Age: Physically 21
Birthday: May 16
Race/Species: Cloned Human...?
Orientation: Lesbian
Voice Claim: TBA


Vulgar, overly confident, and sharp-tongued, Jillian is an overbearing presence who thinks very highly of herself. She’s proud of what she is and is always looking for a fight to prove her worth. To put it mildly, Jillian is a bully. She is prone to violence and has rather sadistic tendencies. She takes no issue with harming others to fulfill orders, get what she wants, or just to have fun.

Despite her haphazard attitude, Jillian possesses rigid beliefs regarding her purpose in life. She was given instructions the moment she was created, and she will go to any length to fulfill the role she was made for.

As highly as Jillian thinks of herself as a bio-weapon, she knows she's a lackluster human, taking up killing and consuming as a means of finding the "missing piece" she believes she's missing. That is to say, she eats people.

Girls Bite Back Fangs Rampage Horns Hotter Than Hell Cigarettes

  • Jillian was created by a third-party source closely aligned with Agent Scotch. Her job is to act as his guard dog to sic on anyone he sees fit.
  • Unlike Jack and Hydra, Jillian was created as an adult. This is because she wasn't created in the same way, but rather, she was reverse engineered using an undisclosed amount of Jack’s flesh. So, effectively, she's his clone, but with some major differences.

Sharp Teeth

  • All of Jillian’s teeth are sharp and pointed, and on her stomach, she has an extra mouth. It acts as her main means of intimidation.

Strength and Regeneration

  • Along with regenerative abilities similar to Jack’s own, Jillian possesses superhuman strength. Jillian does not however have any abilities relating to chaotic regeneration.

Jack - Source/Tension

Even with how awful Jack's life has been, Jillian is still secretly envious because it's still an entire life she never had. It's hard for her to understand how someone she perceives as so weak could be the source of her being. There is nobody she hates more than him.

Agent Scotch - Boss

Truthfully, Jillian doesn't think much of Agent Scotch. She doesn't know much about him aside from the fact that he's her boss, he works with the people that created her, and he lets her threaten, hurt, or kill anyone he asks her to, so what could she have to complain about?

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