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Name: Sylphan Wishingstar Pronouns: She/Her
Age: Ancient Race/Species: ???
Gender: Female Orientation: Unlabeled
Voice Claim: Baby Playlist:


Sylphan Wishingstar, or "Sylph," is an ancient being with tremendous magical capabilities, primarily through her ability to make wishes come true. Because of this, she has provided aid to many of Realitii's people, namely rulers and heroes. In spite of Sylph's power, age, and the important work she's taken on, she can be a bit of a clumsy scatterbrain and a pushover who has trouble putting her paw down. This, combined with her cutesy appearance, leads some people, including her own students, to not take her very seriously, in spite of how intelligent and capable she truly is.

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  • When Sylph is using her magic, the gemstone on her forehead glows.
  • On occasion, Sylph may stand on her back legs for short periods of time, usually so that she can get others' attention.
  • Sylph can fly, but she's bad at it.
  • At times, Sylph may display an unusal way of speaking where she strings synonyms for words together.
  • Characters which inspired Sylph include: Luna (Sailor Moon), Sylveon, Espeon, Jirachi (Pokémon), Monomi (Danganronpa), Baby (Star vs. the Forces of Evil), and Temmie (Undertale).


  • Sylph's primary magical abilities are making and granting wishes, but these abilities do not work instantaneously. It may take any amount of time for a wish to come true, depending on what is being wished for. Sometimes wishes don't turn out the way they're supposed to. Too many wishes within a short time frame increases the likelihood of unintended consequences.


  • The ribbons on Sylph's cloak are prehensile, and she can move them with her magic to interact with her surroundings in ways her paws cannot.

Pippy - Student / Friend

After an unexpected crash landing, Sylph accidentally transported Pippy from earth to Sylph's home dimension. With no immediate way to send her back, the only hope of reopening the gate between worlds would be magic of Pippy's own. To make things right, Sylph decided she would teach Pippy the magical arts alongside her newest batch of students. Pippy is easily the most respectful towards Sylph of this particular group, and it's plain to see the two have become friends.

PomPom - Student

PomPom is what Sylph refers to as a "challenge" student, but she loves her all the same. Sylph has been put in charge of teaching the princess some discipline and how to control her temper. PomPom isn't exactly receptive to Sylph's teachings, however.

Viviana - Student

Viviana is an enthusiastic magician, which, when it comes to stage magic performances, is far from what is expected of a future leader. Sylph has been tasked with teaching Viviana a skill set more befitting of a ruler, she's hoping there's a way to reconcile Viviana's passions with the expectations put upon her somehow.

Sebastian - Student

Sylph has been made responsible for teaching Sebastian some self-confidence so that he can learn how to use his abilities. It's worth mentioning that she's responsible for the magic allowing him to breathe on land until he can learn how on his own, but she knows it may contribute to him feeling like a burden...

Laverna - ???


Estelle - Friend

Estelle is a former student of Sylph's, as Estelle's adoptive father was when he was young. Estelle is practically the model of perfection when it comes to the heroes Sylph has trained. Sylph could not possibly be more proud.

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