★ Wayward Wishmaker ★


Name: Philippa Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 18 Race/Species: Human
Gender: Female Orientation: Pansexual
Voice Claim: TBA Playlist:


Pippy is a cheerful and innocent girl with a huge heart, but she is also highly sensitive and kind of a crybaby. She's also considered by many of the adult figures in her life to be a bit clumsy, lazy, and somewhat of an academic under-achiever, though not necessarily unintelligent by any means. Pippy just doesn't know what to do with her life just yet.

Pippy is empathetic and trusting to a fault; she cares deeply for her friends, family, and the entire world. She also believes that everyone has a better true nature. Despite her immaturity and occasionally naive, childish behavior, she has an unwavering sense of determination and an unwavering feeling of hope that's one of a kind and an innate ability to keep her teammates in line and get them to get along.

Heart Charms I Cried Tears You'll Never See Magical Girl Animated Everyone Hates You Pink and Purple Controller Magical Girl in Training Animated Fuck Reality

  • Pippy has a fascination with astronomy, astrology, and stars. She has always held hope that aliens are real.
  • Pippy's favorite food is cookies, but also likes pocky and donuts, especially cute pink ones with sprinkles.
  • Pippy has been and always will be afraid of the dark. Her room still has glowing star stickers on the ceiling for nighttime.

Magical Compact

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Sylph - Mentor / Best Friend

After an unexpected crash landing, Sylph accidentally transported Pippy from earth to Sylph's home dimension. With no immediate way to send her back, the only hope of reopening the gate between worlds would be magic of Pippy's own. To make things right, Sylph decided she would teach Pippy the magical arts alongside her newest batch of students. Pippy is easily the most respectful towards Sylph of this particular group, and it's plain to see the two have become friends.

PomPom - Friend


Viviana - Friend


Sebastian - Friend


Laverna - Friend...?


Estelle - Friend


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Pansexual Ribbon


One who is sexually attracted to all genders/sexes, and is blind to gender/sex.

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Sourced in Circuitry

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