★ Violent Affections ★


Name: Rosalie Pomella Lemma Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 18 Race/Species: Nyuman
Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual
Voice Claim: TBA Playlist:


Rosalie Pomella Incandessa Lemma is the princess of Brighthollow, next in line to become queen. To many, Princess Rosalie, more commonly known as PomPom, is a sweet, endearing, and cute girl with a reserved and pleasant disposition. Her kingdom knows her to be kind, gentle, and everything you could ask for in a princess. Which is only partially true. While that description is accurate to her constant appearance, should you happen to find yourself on her bad side, you might find she's not as innocent, cute, and sweet as she’d like you to believe.

PomPom’s cute looks are a harsh and unsettling contrast to her hot-headed and combative nature. She fights dirty and enjoys tearing things apart and giving anyone who crosses her a piece of her mind. PomPom is known to act condescending and aloof to anyone she feels threatened by in terms of power or talent, picking fights and starting rivalries often. Her competitive nature, more often than not, gets her into trouble and makes it hard for her to get along with her teammates, whom she spends a lot of time picking on and name-calling. They don't think she really means what she says though, usually.

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  • PomPom is somewhat of a vigilante in her own kingdom, taking justice into her own hands and defeating monsters and criminals with some help from her trusty chainsaw.
  • While everyone she knows calls her PomPom, her real name is Rosalie.
  • PomPom seems to have a distaste for magic and tends to get offended when asked to use hers, preferring to rely on physical combat and weapons to get the job done. Nobody has actually ever seen her use magic.

Weapon Proficiency

  • .

Pippy - Friend


Viviana - "Rival"


Sebastian - "Rival"


Laverna - Friend


Sylph - Teacher


Estelle - Friend


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