It's my website and I get to be as sappy about my friends as I want. Seriously though, I thought I should take a moment to appreciate a couple of people who have been my best friends for over two years now and some newer friends of mine. I really love all you guys.


We had been previously acquainted, but on June 02, 2020, Haru asked if I wanted to start talking more, and I'm SO glad he did, because I'd like to think we've been best friends since then. I love Haru for his honesty, sense of humor, and how I can always rely on him. I know we can talk about anything and that he looks out for me, and I really appreciate it. Something else I admire about him is the strong sense of justice he has. He's always willing to do what he thinks is right and stand up for other people. Haru is also an incredible writer; the stories and characters he comes up with are always intricate, inspiring, and emotional. I would highly recommend keeping an eye on his fan series, CDR: Silver Lining, and his future works because he's definitely going places with these ideas.


I met Baz when she and Rimu reached out to me after playing my Danganronpa fan game on June 19, 2019. It surprised me a lot, as Baz's own series had been an influence on mine. On March 23, 2020, they invited me to a group chat where we started talking about our stories and got to know each other. It made me so happy, and I'm still so thankful that I got the opportunity to become friends with both of them. Baz has a great sense of humor and is always a ton of fun to hang out with. She's just a very chill and welcoming person. Baz is also, however, one of the most down-to-earth and rational people I know. Baz is also really talented at art, especially video editing! The series, openings, and promotional videos she creates are all beautiful and unique. I don't think anyone is as good with After Effects as she is.


As previously mentioned, Rimu and Baz reached out to me and invited me to a group chat on March 23, 2020, where we became close, and I have been grateful ever since. Rimu is super sweet, funny, and encouraging. We have so much in common, and I really admire how dedicated and hardworking she is when it comes to her art, school, and projects. I think some of the most fun we've all had is from hanging out and watching Rimu's art streams. On that note, Rimu has also got to be the most brilliant artist and character designer I know. His works simply radiate elegance, and his perfectionism and attention to detail are evident. Rimu is always inspiring me to better my own work, and I'm really proud to be her friend.

Tsu Reo Frostii Sio